Gelato 4 Pack Gift - 1 Month

Gelato 4 Pack Gift - 1 Month

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Want a delicious gift for a special someone? Or fancy a monthly gelato delivery direct to your door? 

Well look no further! Our Head Gelato maker will whip up 4 innovative and delicious gelatos and we will send it directly to your (or your friends) door. 

Our 1 Month pre-paid gift means that a 4 pack of gelato will be sent to your door on the last Friday of the next month! 




Choose between:

- Best Sellers - a mix of dairy and non-dairy crowd favourites

- All Vegan - 4 creamy and delicious vegan gelato alternatives everyone will love

Let us know any allergies in the comments section of checkout. 



Your delicious gelato will be shipped to you in a snug wool liner that is made from 100% waste wool from New Zealand and Australia. At Little 'Lato we are dedicated to reduce our waste and impact on the earth and therefore have used eco-friendly packaging to deliver your gelato to your door. 

The cardboard box and cardboard inserts are all curb-side recyclable, the cosy wool liner inside is home compostable and biodegradable, and the plastic film around the wool can be thrown in the soft-plastics recycling.

So go on and plant your wool liner in the backyard and release some valuable nutrients back into the soil! Other uses for the wool liner can be; liner for a hanging flower basket, pet bedding, a veggie patch base to grow micro-greens and more! 

Once the gelato has been demolished the tubs can be composted commercially.